Large hydraulic clamp

Hydraulic clamps with large diameters are used for repair and connection in a similar way to smaller hydraulic clamps and are approved according to the TI standard 5452 (2016). In addition, they are used to connect large pipelines in new projects to connect with the pipeline The existing and/or the old piping at the end of the project such as mesh piping, steel, etc.
For example, in the projects of Mekorot, the Shapadan and many other companies with diameters of up to 2500 millimeters with a width of 280 mm – and now also with a width of 580/430 mm.

New: You can order a wide hydraulic clamp of large dimensions (diameter 650-2000 mm) in width 430 mm or 580 mm. The clamps with these widths make it possible to repair a long or wider circumferential crack than any other product, as well as to connect pipes of the same or different diameter, with a larger space between the pipes. To facilitate closing, the screws in the closing mechanisms face upwards. < /strong>

Please note: even when using an impact screwdriver, it is important that the final closing of the screws is done with a torque wrench in order to maintain a correct seal according to the torque indicated on the data sticker.

You can consult with Kraus team From the planning stage to the installation stage (installation accompaniment is possible when necessary) our team of experts will be happy to be at your service!

For instructions for installing hydraulic clutch products and individual product specification sheets, please click on the links below.

Large size hydraulic clamp installation instructions
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