Krausz restraint products combine the patented technology of the HYMAX® coupling with a unique restraint system, joining pipe ends while preventing any possible axial movement. Designed using Krausz’s innovation and patented technology, our HYMAX GRIP® restraint solutions are suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Suitable for both metal and plastic pipes, it features a top-facing two-bolt or four-bolt design, enabling quick and easy installation. Its patented gasket transforms the pipe joint into a flexible connection, allowing dynamic deflection of the pipe after installation of 4° per side, reducing future pipe cracks and breaks.

The unique patented radial closing mechanism holds pipes tightly in place during installation, allowing full control over the gap between pipes. During installation, it allows angular deflection on each end, as well as misaligned pipes.The patented GRIP chain offers approximately 360° restraint around the pipe, unlike typical wedge-style restraints that point-load the pipe.

Made of highly durable ductile iron, Krausz HYMAX GRIP is the perfect choice for a fast and reliable restrained connection.

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