our technologies

simplify the use of products and provide fail-safe solutions to a variety of applications.

Progressive Pressure-Assisted Hydraulic Gasket

Unique dual sealing: In addition to the mechanical sealing done by the bolt closing mechanism, HYMAX® achieves hydraulic sealing via its patented progressive hydraulically assisted gasket that self-inflates using existing water pressure.

Angular Dynamic Deflection

The Hydraulic gasket is designed for another unique feature in all HYMAX® family products. It allows for angular dynamic deflection of up to 4° on each end of the pipe. This feature enables maintaining perfect sealing even in harsh ground conditions and temperature changes.

Unique Gripping System

The patented gripping system of the Hymax Grip features universal gripping teeth designed to restrain all types of metal and plastic pipes.

MAG Technology – Advanced Anti-Galling

Krausz products nuts and bolts go through a unique dry treatment process, Molecular Anti-Galling (MAG), based on embedded zinc. MAG technology eliminates the need to grease bolts and the effects of dirt and sand; preventing galling and enabling repeated bolt tightening.

Enforced Bolt Holders

The EZ-MAX and HYMAX VERSA’s unique enforced bolt holders are aimed to increase user-friendliness which is one of the main advantages of the product. The bolt holders allow tightening of the bolts with only one hand, without the need to apply counter-pressure to the bolt heads located at the back side of the closing mechanism.

Patented Insulated Bolts

One more manifestation of innovative product engineering of Krausz products is Enforced Insulated Bolts that are part of the HYMAX VERSA’s design. To avoid mixing 2 types of metals that might cause corrosion due to the difference in electrical conductivity between the product and the pipe, we insulated the HYMAX VERSA bolts with plastic insulation which prevents it.

Locking Mechanism

Patented locking mechanism for stainless steel products