Repamax® is a highly versatile stainless steel coupling for connecting and repairing a wide range of water and wastewater pipes. Repamax® products stand out for exceptional durability, flexibility, and resilience against harsh conditions. The Repamax coupling can join pipes with the same or different diameters and repair holes and cracks. This multi-functionality, together with unique, extra-wide tolerance, enables smaller inventories, saving cost and shelf space.

  • Extensive range, in sizes from DN40 to DN2000 with a variety of body widths and tolerance ranges to choose from
  • Extremely versatile, can be used as a clamp for longitudinal cracks or complete circumferential breaks as well as large corrosion holes or extensive surface pitting
  • Can also be used as a Coupling, connecting pipes of the same or different materials or differing outside diameters (up to 10mm transition). It can also be used to bridge large gaps between pipe ends
  • Being able to use as a Clamp or as a Coupling can reduce inventory – no need for separate Clamps or Couplings; Repamax can perform both functions-
  • Enables Repair Operatives to be more effective; one product can be used as a Clamp or as a Coupling, saving time and travel
  •  Wide body versions (Repamax Xtra) can be used to replace worn or damaged pipe joints – such as Socket & Spigot Joints or older Couplings. Remove the old joint, and the combination of Repamax’s ability to bridge large gaps between pipe ends and to be installed on pipes that are in-situ means that a repair can be effected quickly and with minimal disruption
  • The Repamax can be rotated to position the bolts in the optimal position for tightening – making installation ergonomic and more comfortable and effective for the installer

The KRAUSZ HYMAX and REPAMAX/REPAFLEX products received approval from the SVGW Institute according to the European standard EN-14525.

REPAMAX Coupling installation Eng-Ger
Repamax Xtra Coupling (for connecting)
Repamax Xtra Coupling (for repairing)
pdf Installation Instructions Repamax® 22 (DN80 –DN400)
pdf Installation Instructions Repamax® 32 (DN150 –DN600)
pdf Installation Instructions Repamax® 15 (DN650 –DN1800)
pdf Installation Instructions Repamax® 12 (DN40 –DN80)
pdf Installation Instructions Repamax ® Xtra (DN650 –DN2000)