Krausz REPAMAX/REPAFLEX wide-range products provide a highly versatile stainless steel coupling solution for connecting and repairing a wide selection of water and wastewater pipes. This family of products also stands out for its exceptional durability and flexibility and its best fit for aggressive soil conditions. Krausz REPAMAX/REPAFLEX can join pipes with the same or different diameters and repair holes and cracks. This multi-functionality, together with unique, extra-wide tolerance, enables smaller inventories, saving cost and shelf space.

  • Extensive portfolio of products with 40mm – 1800mm nominal pipe sizes.
  • Extra wide-range – with various working ranges of 12mm, 22mm and 32mm (15mm for x-large sizes).
  • Substantially reduces inventory costs and saves shelf space as products suit a wide range of pipe diameters, eliminating the need for dedicated wrap-around and coupling products.
  • Mobile utility service teams can address most emergency needs while keeping only a small number of products on hand, reducing unplanned supply runs to and from the warehouse.
  • One single product can connect pipes of two different materials, allowing transition capability of up to 10mm.
  • Effective in repairs of leaking BELL JOINT and SLEEVE JOINT. After removal of either joint, ONE REPAMAX product replaces the leaking joint easily and effectively, for long-term endurance.

The KRAUSZ HYMAX and REPAMAX/REPAFLEX products received approval from the SVGW Institute according to the European standard EN-14525.


REPAMAX Coupling installation Eng-Ger
pdf REPAMAX/REPAFLEX Specification Sheet
pdf Installation Instructions REPAMAX range 22 mm (DN 80-400 mm)
pdf Installation Instructions REPAMAX RANGE-32 mm (DN 150-600)
pdf Installation Instructions REPAMAX RANGE-15 mm (DN 650-1800)
pdf Installation Instructions REPAMAX RANGE-12 mm (DN 40-80)