Krausz’s New Ocala facility

Last December, the Krausz USA facility in Ocala, Florida was opened to provide coupling and repair clamp solutions for the US water and wastewater industry.

The facility provides regional sales and service throughout the country after using an exclusive US distributor for the past 11 years. The Ocala facility warehouses finished product in order to deliver immediate order fulfillment, and provide custom fabrication enhancements to base products made in Israel.

“Krausz USA will have a high capacity to understand and anticipate US customers’ needs and provide close and direct access to our products,” said Krausz USA president Tom Gwynn. “We look forward to providing innovative and smart water piping solutions to help maintain America’s water supply network.”

Ocala, Florida was chosen as Krausz USA’s headquarters for the area’s highly skilled work force and its convenient transport access across the country. Ocala has many skilled technicians and manufacturing workers with direct water industry experience. Combined with its access to surface transport across the U.S. and to shipping channels along the east coast, Ocala was an ideal location to establish operations.