History of Krausz, 90 Years in the Making

June 2014 KC - History of KrauszKrausz has a history of more than 90 years across three continents and three generations of leadership. It’s a story that features a pioneering spirit, a relentless dedication to quality and a constant search for innovation.

The story begins in the 1920s of what is modern-day Bratislava in the Slovak Republic. Armin Zvi Krausz, grandfather of current CEO Danny Krausz, started a machining company that made parts for a variety of industries including building and civil infrastructure. The company had grown quite successful with a reputation for high quality when trouble started brewing with the rise of Nazi Germany.

For Armin’s family’s safety sake, he had to leave Eastern Europe and decided to move to London. All of his machinery was packed up and shipped there with his extended family to follow. Unfortunately, the family needed to stop in Budapest for two months as Armin’s cousin had developed pneumonia. Once the family was ready to move again, war had broken out across Europe and traveling to London became impossible.

Armin changed course to modern-day Israel in 1940, which had not yet achieved statehood and was under British control. Armin’s immigration to Israel was illegal and he was detained by British police but eventually released. The family never recovered the machinery that had been sent to London and Armin started the business again from scratch. He set up Krausz & Sons and built parts for Israel’s new military and a growing operation for water fittings.

Before long, Krausz & Sons was developing its own unique and innovative couplings which had reached a dominant market share in Israel. Over the next few decades, the company grew steadily and started exporting clamps and couplings to Europe. In 1999, Krausz expanded sales to the U.S. through a nationwide distributor, turning its advanced HYMAX product line into a popular choice. Krausz USA was established last December to develop closer relationships and better serve US customers.

Throughout Krausz’s history, Armin Zvi Krausz’s pioneering spirit has been the foundation for Krausz Industries. The company changed the game with HYMAX, a truly revolutionary approach to pipe coupling. Its user-friendly two bolt closure and strong hydraulic seal that self inflates using water pressure has changed the water industry. The company has more than 100 registered patents for its products which provide a range of water piping repair and coupling solutions that are easily implemented and minimize installation time.

Krausz continues to invest in developing new products that are at the forefront of design to provide reliable tools to repair water and wastewater pipes.